Bureau Of Real Estate

Are you faced with suspension or revocation of your California Bureau of Real Estate license? Even a short suspension can have an immense impact on your livelihood. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help you understand your options and defend yourself.

In recent years, the Bureau of Real Estate has instituted record–setting numbers of license revocation and suspension proceedings. This relates to the downturn in the mortgage lending industry, which has affected lenders, borrowers, realtors and brokers alike.

There are many grounds for revocation or suspension of your Bureau of Real Estate license. Some of the most common grounds are failure to fulfill reporting requirements, allegations of fraud or misrepresentations, allegations of negligent conduct, and the failure to adequately oversee the conduct of agents working for the license–holder. In recent years many of these allegations have stemmed from mortgage modification and refinancing transactions.

Another common ground for disciplinary action against a Bureau of Real Estate license holder is a criminal conviction. In California, if a license holder is convicted of a felony or any other crime substantially related to the functions and duties of a license holder, the license may be suspended or revoked. Representation by a lawyer with knowledge of both criminal laws and Department of Real Estate licensing laws is essential to minimize the impact of any potential criminal conviction on your license. An experienced attorney can also provide guidance in seeking reinstatement of your license, including assistance with expunging past criminal convictions and demonstrating rehabilitation.

At The Law Offices of Vincent J. LaBarbera, Jr. we have represented white collar professionals facing disciplinary action for almost 40 years. As experienced Orange County Department of Real Estate license revocation defense attorneys we understand the areas where criminal convictions and professional licenses intersect and will provide advice and aggressive representation throughout any Department of Real Estate license suspension or revocation proceeding. Call (949) 662-1791 today for a confidential evaluation of your case.


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