Board of Accountancy

If you are under investigation by the Board of Accountancy, or are facing an accusation, it is essential that you consult with an experienced attorney. Proper handling of an investigation interview can result in dismissal of charges. If an accusation has been filed, an attorney can help negotiate a settlement of the charges, minimizing the impact of the allegations on your accountancy license.

Additionally, if you are an accountant and have been charged with criminal conduct, you need to consult with an attorney with experience in both criminal and license revocation proceedings. If you are an accountant licensed by the State of California, you are required to self-report criminal convictions to the Board of Accountancy. If you are licensed in another jurisdiction and have a practice privilege in this state, you must report any criminal charges other than minor offenses within 30 days of having knowledge of the charges as of January 1, 2015 (Business and Professions Code Section 5096(e)(10). Higher standards of disclosure apply to the Board of Accountancy than to criminal proceedings, because an accountant license is a privilege granted by the state, and not a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens.

Board of Accountancy license revocation proceedings often cross over into other areas of the law. Revocation proceedings are generally premised on an underlying legal violation, which can involve allegations of negligent practice and commission of a crime substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of an accountant. Something as simple as allegations involving driving under the influence charges has been held to be "substantially related". It is essential to be represented in license revocation proceedings by an attorney who understands the complex interaction of the charges you face.

At the Law Offices of Vincent J. LaBarbera, we have substantial experience representing accountants in license revocation proceedings. We understand the devastating impact these charges can have on your practice, your livelihood, and your personal life. As experienced Orange County board of accountancy license revocation lawyers, we will advise you on all of your options, taking into account any potential civil or criminal charges you may face in conjunction with the license revocation proceeding. We will provide you with prompt and aggressive representation. Call us today at 949-662-1791 for a confidential consultation.

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