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When one is accused of a crime he or she is not responsible for; either because that person did not do what they are being charged with, or because they are not legally responsible for their actions (ex. when one acts in self-defense), plea negotiations are inappropriate. Complete exoneration is always the goal. Trial is often the only answer. In other cases, the best course calls for the negotiation of pleas which resolve a client's legal problems with the least impact on his and his family's life.

In other cases, the best course calls for the negotiation of pleas which resolve a client's legal problems with the least impact on his and his family's life.

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  • Felony possession for sale marijuana - charge dismissed
  • .22 BAC DUI - charges dismissed
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time DUIs pending simultaneously - 2nd and 3rd time DUIs dismissed, 4th is now considered a 1st time DUI
  • Domestic Violence - charges dismissed
  • Domestic Violence with prior domestic violence acts - charges dismissed
  • 2nd time DUI while on DUI probation, high BAC .23 - charges dismissed
  • Mother of alleged triple murderer accused of felony hit and run - found not guilty at trial
  • Ex-Marine charged in Federal Court with killing Iraqi detainees (to see client video, please click here) - found not guilty at trial
  • 400 lbs Marijuana...40 lbs Cocaine...illegal search - reversed on appeal - case dismissed
  • Telemarketer accused of scamming 6 million in Federal Court - negotiated plea of 1 year & 1 day
  • Biker shoots ex's new lover in head - accused of attempted murder - found not guilty at trial
  • Accused $50,000 Embezzler - negotiated plea - no jail time
  •  Accused 1st Degree Special  Circumstance Murderer - saved from Death Penalty
  • 2nd time DUI .23 BAC/Hit & Run - found not guilty of DUI at trial
  • DUI arrest of wealthy philanthropist following accident - reversed on appeal - case dismissed
  • DUI arrest outside of bar - motion to suppress granted - case dismissed
  • Restaurant manager accused of selling adulterated beverages after law enforcement raid - conviction would have destroyed future career prospects - case dismissed
  • Four separate DUI clients within six months - charges dismissed after prolonged prosecutorial delay
  • Cultivation for sale Marijuana...58 plants plus 5 lbs - case dismissed during trial
  • Industrial Marijuana Grow - Federal Court - (3,000+ plants) - negotiated plea of 6 months electronic monitoring
  • Day Care Husband accused of Child Molestation - found innocent on all counts at trial
  • Possession for sale 1/4 lb Cocaine - possession for sale count dismissed at trial - Prop. 36
  • Accused Drive-by Gang member charged with Attempted Murder - found not guilty at trial
  • Accused Three Striker - negotiated plea - drug rehabilitation - no jail time
  • Possession for sale of Marijuana and Ecstasy - defendant accused of hand-to-hand sale 1/4 oz. black tar herione to undercover cop - found not guilty at trial
  • Optometrist accused of 10 counts of billing fraud - complete exoneration on appeal, no board discipline
  • Orange County Board of Supervisors accused in quasi criminal action of willful misconduct by failing to adequately supervise county administrators resulting in County Bankruptcy - Case Dismissed. Steiner v. Superior Court (1996) 50 Cal.App.4th 1771 

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